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CISRAED Global Network is a network of CISRAED Operating Centres, being a centralised information services, records archive and electronic database, established on a country-by-country basis.
Fundamental to the CISRAED™ Global Network’s existence, is the strong commitment towards full transparency and law enforcement, which is materialised by providing the host country with a uniform information and financial infrastructure that enables the respective country to get access to the world by delivering clean, clear, authenticated, validated and accurate information on its resources, business environment, legal and regulatory system, and consumers and corporate affairs.
Maximising Resources. CISRAED™ offers the O-M-N-I!™ (origin monetary/manpower numerical identification) tracking system to sovereign governments, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, corporations, non-governmental organisations and humanitarian organisations to maximise their resources. The origin identification system enables a sovereign government to ensure repatriation of revenue gained by corporations and/or human resources worldwide. This origin identification (tracing) system is based on a numeric system, called the O-M-N-I!™-number, which is designed to track activities on both consumers and corporate resources. Ultimately, through the use of CISRAED™ the host country systematically maximises its resources (i.e., human, physical, organisational, and financial).
Accommodate, support and provide. CISRAED™ Global Network undertakes to accommodate, support and provide the necessary multinational information, communication and financial service facilities, which include codes of conduct, standards, rules, regulations, statutes, ordinances, laws and regulatory enforcement information technologies, and qualified personnel in an environment of mutual respect and trust that will support a country and its peoples in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.
CISRAED Operating Centres accommodate the following activities:
Capitalisation, assetisation and enfundment of governmental entities, financial institutions and low risk private enterprises;
Information “clearing” and information “processing” services that inevitably increase transparency and credibility throughout all aspects of business units and processes, pursuant to the prevailing set rules and regulations of CISRAED™;
Settlement of financial transactions by providing a "single point of securities clearing" (including book-entry securities), withholdings and "repatriation services";
Real-time reporting of authenticated accurate information (financial and non-financial, profile of the country, its respective enterprises and the like, and the requirements for doing business therein) to its members and participants world-wide, pursuant to the prevailing Internationally accepted privacy code;
Aid and abet the Government in right of the country in achieving their fiscal responsibilities and accountability objectives, in an ever changing political environment;
Ensure efficiency, productivity and competitiveness, through registered members, participants, and authorised users in respect to the adoption of Uniform Commercial Codes, with the necessary checks and balances in place, including policing, penalties, and the like; and
Development and dissemination of knowledge: CISRAED Global Network is committed to develop, adapt, implement, monitor, update, and propose changes, where the need arises, or introduce new methods and procedures to improve the country's Uniform Commercial Codes and practices, with the aim of maximising and empowering its enterprises to adhere to total quality management ("TQM") that will ultimately permeate and lead to a tradition of excellence".
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